Affordable and accessible therapy

For those on benefits funding their own sessions, there are options for small donation/reduced-fee sessions (£5-25), depending on what grant funding we have at the time of your call.

For those funding their own sessions on higher incomes, our standard fee for 1-2-1 support is £45-60 depending on the service/equipment needed. Some charities linked to your impairment may be able to provide some financial support. 

For those funded by Direct Payments, Individual Budgets, Insurance or Trust Funds our standard fee for 1-2-1 support is £80-100 depending on the service/equipment needed.

Please do call to find out how we can support you, we will always do our best to provide the best possible service to you within your budget and we are happy to talk to other parties to support you in getting the funding for your support.

Group Support

Our group support sessions are more affordable, as the cost of the therapist is shared amongst the members of the group, and you can still work towards the changes you want in your life. In fact, group support can be as helpful as 1:1 support. Prices are around £10-15 per person per session. 

Group Training and Workshops

The prices for this vary depending on the content, preparation needed, travel and your budget, but as an indication are around £60-100 per hour. 

Free Support

If none of the above is possible, we encourage you to use our free support: talk to us on Facebook or Twitter, read our website blogs, watch our Resources video and use any of the self-help support we recommend and email us to see how we can support you.