Meet our team

We thought it would be helpful to include a few pictures and short bios so you can see what a friendly bunch we are.

Spokz People's Mel - Clinical Director and Therapist

Founder, Clinical Director, Supervisor and Therapist
“My partner, Steve D, has a physical impairment (spinal injury) which affects us all as a family, myself included. Impairment and disability are complex things. It’s as much about relationships and identity as it is dealing with healthcare professionals, members of the public, and so much more. Talking is one of the best cures for stress, isolation, fatigue, even for pain and trauma. If you can find a way to use the support you already have around you, it can really help your wellbeing and change your life.”


Grace (photos & videos to follow soon)

Therapist in advanced training

“I have been a private coach for disabled people for 8 years and have over 600 coaching hours. I then decided to train as an psychotherapeutic counsellor and currently have over 100 counselling hours. I am trained in various approaches including issues around anxiety, depression, bereavement, chronic pain, acquired disability, dissociation, the body, difficult childhood experiences and resiliency. I have personal experience of disability and am the founder of Healing Boxes CIC, The Phoenix Fire Academy and I facilitate Creative Therapeutic Journalling workshops.“

Spokz People Steve D - Director and Chairman

Steve D
Director and Chairman
“I’ve had a spinal injury for 25 years now and have worked as both a group leader and mentor. I set up our sister company Spokz in 2008, selling wheelchairs, accessories and sporting goods and came into contact with so many people who needed more than just a state-of-the-art wheelchair in their life. Since my partner, Mel, was already a qualified therapist, I suggested she set up the non-profit services of Spokz People to provide a more holistic approach to helping people cope with being disabled.”