Facebook Live 20 December at 12.00

Our first Facebook live focussing on improving your wellbeing.

We’ll talk about what affects wellbeing, why it's important and what support is available, including our free member resources. We’ll go through a few exercises LIVE.

Most importantly, you can ask questions about what’s going on for you right now, things like:
• How can I deal with this situation?
• I’m finding change tricky because I'm so busy?
• How can I improve my confidence/pain/fatigue/sleep/relationships/sex/diet/exercise/low mood?

Have questions right now? Drop them in the comments on this post and Mel will answer them during the live session, you’ll be top of the list!

Do join us and spread the word by sharing this post, the more the merrier! 😊 We look forward to meeting you.

Mel HalacreComment