Training for in-house teams

Spokz People offer specialist training for your in-house teams about how best to therapeutically support service users with physical disabilities. This includes:

  • Self care: mindfulness, relaxation, visualisation, anger management, assertiveness - tools for you and your clients
  • Disability models: moral, medical, social, tragedy and how models can impact on clients/patients
  • Psychological impact of health and social care societal structures and assessments
  • Sex and relationships
  • How history has formed our present day views of disability and how our society is structured
  • Impairment hierarchies
  • Key themes: isolation, power, rejection, body image, relationships, trauma
  • Unpaid carers and personal assistants
  • Listening skills
  • Case studies to use in practice
  • Improving your self-awareness
  • Your relationship with impairment and disability
  • What feelings does impairment evoke with us and why
  • How is death anxiety related
  • How can we change this